Agri-food Initiative

Creston Valley-Kootenay Lake Economic Action Partnership (CV-KL EAP) launched in November 2016 with a focus on supporting our community’s first value network: the Fields Forward partnership.

Initiated in January 2016, Fields Forward has built impressive momentum. Its network includes more than 80 stakeholders who are actively collaborating to advance our agri-food sector.

CV-KL EAP will work with Fields Forward in service of 4 core objectives:

1) Strengthen the agri-food value network: Develop the structure, supports, and skills for action-oriented collaboration among agri-food sector stakeholders (while also building a broader culture of local economic cooperation)

2) Hone our comparative advantage: Make strategic investments in the sector to improve agri-food enterprise viability and productivity (while also improving the general viability of small- and mid-size enterprise)

3) Market our comparative advantage: Actively promote our region to attract agri-food investment, enterprises, and workers (while also attracting other investment and residents)

4) Strengthen and diversify our economy: Broaden the agri-food value network and prepare to activate complementary value networks

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