Creston Valley - Kootenay Lake Economic Action Partnership

Economic Action Strategy

Working Together for Shared Prosperity


What is the project?
We are creating an “Economic Action Strategy” that will guide us to improve our regional economy in the next 5-10 years.

Who is involved?
The project is a joint effort between the Town of Creston, Lower Kootenay Band, Areas A, B, and C. On behalf of these partners, Kootenay Employment Services is leading the project, with help EcoPlan International; an experienced, Vancouver-based planning firm.

Why are we building a strategy?
Recognizing that our economies are linked in many ways, the local governments of Creston Valley – Kootenay Lake have come together to look at shared opportunities and challenges for economic development, and areas where we can work together to make things better.

Why should you care? Our local economy matters to everyone – young, old, employed, retired, business owner, or resident! Here are a few examples of the ways that the ‘economy’ may touch you life:

  • Availability of good jobs for you, your family and friends
  • If local governments have enough revenues to deliver the services that you enjoy (like pothole repair, park keep-up or recycling)
  • Having a vibrant downtown with shops you want to go to
  • Ability to attract qualified staff to work at your business
  • Bartering, sharing, and being self-sufficient in ways that reduce your need for money.

How are we building it?
The Strategy will be developed by and for the community, local businesses, and implementation partners. Together, we can take steps to improve our local economy, but we need to hear from you about the direction that the plan should take:

  • What does economic development mean to you?
  • What kind of economic activity do you want to see (or not see!)?
  • Where should we focus our efforts?
  • What does success look like, and how do we measure progress towards it?

Community input and involvement is a critical part of each project step – it’s your plan.

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