Pictured above (L-R): Janet Wallace (owner), Robert Agnew, Sheila Brocklington (staff member). 

Congratulations to Robert Agnew of Crawford Bay! Robert won a $50 voucher to a local business of his choice – Bare Foot Handweaving.

Thank-you to the 700+ people who entered our survey contest.

This survey prize is a great example of how shopping locally has more impact than shopping in other towns or online. Based on a study by The Institute for Local Self-Reliance in 2003, results indicated (on average) 48% of each purchase at a local owned business is recirculated locally, compared to less than 14 percent of purchases at chain stores. These numbers are nearly identical to later results across other Civic Economic studies.

Can you shift 10% of your spending to local businesses? Tell us where you will shop locally this holiday season @CrestonValleyKootenayLake on Facebook or at economy@kes.bc.ca.